воскресенье, 29 мая 2011 г.


To always dream
However it may never come true
But that's the best way
To live life through

To dream so high
Never give up and always try
Never let go or say goodbye

That when there is darkness
For sure dawn is the next
And when everything is so tiring
For sure there would be time to rest

To always care for a friend
Always be true and never pretend
Always love with no end
And the broken hearts try to mend

Never to feel the hate
Always be confident and never hesitate
Always believe in fate

That lovers meet & stay together
And others are apart
So if you are one who have been left behind
Don't cry and suffer
Just search for a new start

The past I must forget
And nothing needs my regret

To open my heart and forgive
Cause that will help me to survive and live

To always offer my helping hand
And never doubt in people when there is no proof
And always try to understand

Not to be shy
If I have done something wrong
But to admit it and be proud that I have learned
A lesson that will help me to be strong

1 комментарий:

  1. Beautifully written amu.. :) <3

    "A lesson that you'll always learn,
    In life there is nothing but fun."