воскресенье, 8 мая 2011 г.


When it all started it was so fun...it was may be because it was novelty for me but I was happy then now suddenly things seem to be different, the bluish green wallpaper bores me now the tube light seems to be dim now, not as bright as it used to then.
Friendly companions in which I once found comfort, now lay at the foot of my bed with dark, hollow eyes.
The seconds gradually stopped ticking by on the clock by my bed and it scares me sometimes.
It was my only solid evidence that life was still going by, now I'm not so sure.
Meaningless chatter from outside my window keeping me in tune with reality, yet out of tune from myself.
The walls are starting to close in on me 
So I think I'm going to go
Because I'm all alone in this room…..i want to come home running, want to hug u Momma…..Baba..and want to fight with u Dadu...the sudden change is actually the eagerness to come back HOME...i am melancholy at being away from home and family
 now than then!!!

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